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BODY STEP: New Class #2

My second new fitness class seemed much harder to get to than the first. I was feeling slightly sick and just totally exhausted because quite frankly, week 1 of my 28-Day Challenge kicked me in the butt much harder than I was expecting. However, I reminded myself something I read in my first book--that you just have to push, because if you wait until tomorrow, it's less likely to happen! I proceeded to pull on my trusty yoga pants and jammed out to the radio to try to turn myself around for class.

Maybe subconsciously I knew that I wouldn't like this class very much and that was why I felt the way I did, but I still felt great after going because I actually did what I told myself I would do!

So BODY STEP, this is another Les Milles class and very much cardio based, but with those wide step stools that you see around your gym. The class starts slow but does speed up and can be difficult to catch on to if you have never taken any class that requires coordination. What was difficult for me was coordinating between being up and down on the step. Because of dance and Zumba I am so used to doing everything on one plane, but in this class you're constantly moving up and down. In retrospect, I probably could have modified the moves and done them all on the ground until I picked it up, then moved on to the stepper.

WAS THIS CLASS FOR ME? Probably not, it didn't give me the same satisfaction that I get from Zumba, or that I got from Body Attack. That's not to say I wish I didn't go, because I feel good about myself for trying it and well, at least now I won't watch that class and wonder if I'll ever enjoy that...

IS THIS FOR YOU? Please don't ever take someone I say about myself to mean the exact same thing for you. I am sure some people would absolutely love this class. If you enjoy the stairmaster, for example, but still like high-intensity music and dancing, this class is probably for you!

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