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Day 28: The 28 Day Sober Challenge

I have finally made it - my FINAL day of my sober challenge. Honestly, it was much easier than I thought it would be. Growing up in Minnesota and having a family that mostly lives in the Midwest, drinking has become a big part of my social life. That does have some pretty big implications on your health, as I have learned. Not only is it bad for your liver, but it is also difficult to lose weight. Your liver is a main component to your digestive system and to your body as a whole, and when your liver is backed up your body has to work that much harder to process anything you feed it. Because of that, losing weight becomes nearly impossible with a fatty liver.

Fatty liver is exactly why the 28 day sober challenge was so important to me. About 4 months ago I was diagnosed as having fatty liver. Does that mean I drink to much or am an alcoholic? No. Surprisingly, fatty liver is now becoming very prevalent even with kids. Why? Because of all of the chemicals we are putting into our bodies. The 28 day challenge was never meant to be a means for me to give up alcohol completely, it was just meant to help my liver regenerate itself.

Along with this challenge, I have taken it upon myself to eat mainly organic, all natural, drink more water, SWEAT - a lot and avoid any chemical-based supplements. In 4 months I have managed to bring all of my liver enzyme levels down to normal again. That's all it took, 4 months! No hospital time, only two doctor's visits, two blood tests, and 4 months of discipline.

What I've noticed over the past month; I have never slept better. I used to be notorious for either not being able to fall asleep or waking up 4-8 times a night. Not just one time to use the bathroom; I'd often be tossing and turning all night. Now I can honestly say, I do not remember the last time I didn't sleep through the night. Added bonus, I am completely off coffee! In addition, without counting calories, I am down 3, almost 4 pounds, and my endurance is up too!

Going forward I do plan to do similar challenges. My goal is to do one 28 day challenge per year and to cut my drinking overall. What does that mean? Essentially, only drink for special events and occasions. Such as, birthdays, vacations and holidays.

I truly do believe that ANYONE can do this, it really is that easy. If you have any questions or want to do the challenge yourself, email me at for tips and tricks along the way!

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