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Why the Right Foods Matter

I will be the first to admit that when I'm anxious and/or stressed, all I want to eat is junk food and anything that is quick, but I cannot express enough how bad of an idea that truly is. When anxious it's easy to go for the quick fix, I get it, but try to resist the urge to purge. There are a whole slew of reasons why binging on junk foods is a horrible idea, but here are a few that'll hopefully motivate you to swap the chips for veggies and dip:

Processed Sugar & Adrenaline:

One of the contributing factors to anxiety is heightened levels of adrenaline, and this could be caused by anything from heart issues, to too much caffeine, to even processed sugars. Managing your adrenaline is very possible and can significantly reduce your anxiety. You don't have to cut out processed sugar completely, but be mindful of how often you're eating it and when you're eating it. For example, if you're already anxious, scarfing down a King Size candy bar is probably not the best idea, because even though it might temporarily make you feel better, it'll spike your blood sugar, which in turn could send your adrenaline levels through the roof.

Eat Clean & Avoid Bloat:

This is a total mind game we play with ourselves, but it's very real. The more processed foods you eat, the more bloated you tend to feel, and with bloat comes this feeling of being weighted down and heavy. Ever eat an entire bag of chips and feel like you can't get off the couch? Ever wonder why you then start to feel your chest getting heavy? Well, you just made your whole body feel heavier by feeding it something that's more difficult for it to process. So next time you're feeling snacky, try swapping the chips for some carrots, and see how you feel after 15 minutes, 30 minutes and an hour.

Moderate your Caffeine:

Raise your hand if you LOVE coffee. I really love coffee, like I get into bed at night and fantasize about the glorious cup of warm coffee I get to have when I wake up, that's how much I love the stuff. But shocker, it's terrible for your anxiety. Find the magic number of cups that works for you and stick to it! Still craving coffee after that? Switch to decaf! I always have a decaf option on deck in case I find myself needing to curb my coffee cravings.

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