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May Self-Care Challenge: Check In #4

Every day during the month of May I am committing to self-care. In addition, I will be keeping track of what I do every day and sharing it right here on my blog. Self-care plays a vital role in managing stress and anxiety because it helps one to fill up their own cup.

Here are the rules:

  1. Minimum 20 minutes of self-care each day.

  2. Workouts don't count.

  3. No cell phone allowed during self-care time.

So, here is my latest check in and how the past 7 days looked:

May 22nd - Epsom Salt Bath

Epsom salt baths are my absolute favorite way to relax. They are also very good for your sore muscles. If you find yourself sore a lot of the time, try incorporating the occasional epsom salt bath.

May 23rd - Face Mask

I am really starting to see changes in my skin after the past 3 and a half weeks of refocusing on skincare. Face masks are also a great form of self-care if you don't have a ton of time to spare. I like to put one on 15 minutes before the shower.

May 24th - Epsom Salt Bath

Epsom salt baths are great for sore muscles because of the magnesium content in the Epsom salts. If you notice you're not having as great of an effect, try Epsom salts made specifically for easing sore muscles.

May 25th - Read & Pool

I have had a lot of magazines stacking up in my apartment over the last few months so I decided to take a few to the pool, instead of my book. I ended up getting a couple fun, new recipes to try!

May 26th - Bath & Face Mask

I've found that adding a face mask to my baths can be very beneficial and it makes me feel efficient! You're just sitting there anyways, so you might as well incorporate some skincare too.

May 27th - Read & Pool

This was Memorial Day and EVERYONE was at the pool, so we decided we had to go as well and it was so worth it! We kind of lost track of time enjoying our book and magazines by the pool for a little over an hour. So relaxing!

May 28th - Bath & Face Mask

Tried mixing up my face mask this time and the results were amazing! It's very important to switch up your skincare routine so your skin doesn't get used to what you're using.

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