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Travel Hack: Travel Day Snacks

Who else loves to travel?! Traveling is easily one of my favorite things to do and I like to take every opportunity to explore something new. That said, one of my big anxiety triggers is hunger. In the past, I have passed out because of my hypoglycemia and whenever I start to get hungry I can feel the anxiety creeping on in. Of course traveling and being away from my comfort zone only makes this worse.

Over the last few years and a lot of fun trips, I have worked through and come up with my 5 favorite travel day snacks. When I make it to my destination I like to be a bit more relaxed and keep things simple with one or two snacks, however, on the actual travel day, I like to keep more snacks handy.

My Top 5 Travel-Day Snacks

Veggies + Hummus - Veggies are a great way to stay healthy while on the road. They are full of micronutrients that will help anyone stay healthy on their trip. Hummus is a great addition if you can have it as it adds calories. Be careful not to bring too much hummus and overeat when you're just sitting in a car or on a plane all day.

Jerky - My personal favorite is teriyaki turkey jerky, but whatever you like works too! It's a great way to get your daily protein in without having to worry about your food going bad as it sits at room temperature all day. The teriyaki flavor also adds a little sugar and carbs, which are great for maintaining a healthy energy level. Make sure to HYDRATE if you're eating jerky, it's pretty dehydrating and high in sodium.

Popcorn - Air popped popcorn makes an excellent and filling snack. Bonus, it's high in fiber! Avoid only eating carbs and starchy snacks. These snacks make a great addition to the lineup but lack in a lot of micronutrients that can keep your body functioning at full capacity when on vacation.

Dried Apples - Trader Joe's sells some great dried apples, but these can also be made right at home in the oven. What I love about these is they give you a good amount of natural carbs without the added fat and high calorie counts. They also supply you with an excellent amount of micronutrients.

Protein Bars - Protein bars can act as a great meal replacement when you're on the go. That said,

ALWAYS check the nutrition facts and try your best to find a bar you love that isn't full of extra filler junk. You want something that is fairly all-natural and well balanced in terms of carbs, fats and proteins. Generally this would be my go-to if I'm doing a city walking tour or will be away for around 8-12 hours with little access to food.

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