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A Gallon a Day Challenge Complete

I did it! I drank a full gallon (some days more) of water each day for 5 days straight... I'm shocked too. This challenge got rough and was peppered with frequent trips to the ladies room, let me tell you... Overall I am glad I did it and proud of finishing.

Why did I do the Gallon a Day Challenge?

In the past when I've done this challenge for 3 days I noticed more energy, better digestion and just an overall feeling of being "well". This time of year can get busy and it's easier for me to get sick, so I felt this would be a great time to do this challenge.

What I Noticed:

Funny story, I still got sick. But only for half a day, which is a HUGE improvement to my usual 2-4 day colds. Can it even be considered being sick if it's only for six-ish hours? I also noticed improved digestion, especially in the morning and better energy throughout the day and during my workouts.

Will I Do It Again?

Yes. I'm not sure when and for how long, but I will definitely be doing this one again. I also want to try to stick to around a gallon of water a day, instead of my usual 100 oz. We'll see...

Would I Recommend It?

Without a doubt. Everyone can use a few days with more water, especially this time of year when people are getting sick more often and you're consuming more sugar and goodies. Drinking a gallon of water a day will help you keep on keeping on, whatever the holiday season throws your way.

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