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Meditation Challenge: Halfway Point

I have reached the halfway point of my meditation challenge and I wish I could come on here and rave about how well it's going, but that would require me to lie. When I get it done it's great! It helps me center myself and feel relaxed. That's the issue though, "when I get it done". I'd say of the last 15 days I've only missed 3-4, but that's still a C average at best. Overall, this challenge has been a great test of my self-forgiveness...

It's so easy to beat yourself up when you don't get everything done that you meant to and you feel as though you're breaking promises to yourself. Bottom line, I wasn't as committed to this challenge as I've been to others and that's ok. The important thing to do is reflect on why I'm not completing my 10 minutes each day, not to sit and dwell on how I'm not holding to my word.

What can I do better? That's the question I like to ask myself when I'm not meeting my goals. We HAVE to keep moving forward because time doesn't stop. So what can I do right now to set me up for success tomorrow. How can I make this a priority even though it hasn't been?

I am recommitting to this challenge right now, with the mindful intention of completing it no matter what. I've been stuck in excuses of, oh well if I'm not home alone it'll be difficult to complete because it'll be noisy. Well, let me shut that down real fast. I have a home office, I can go in there, shut the door and even throw on some noise cancelling headphones. Bye excuses.

Here's what I want you to take away from this... Self-reflection is HUGE. Not self-bashing, not negative self-talk. Reflection. Really ask yourself, without judgment, why you're not completing. What excuses are you making for yourself? Sit and think on it, journal on it, sleep on it. Whatever you gotta do. Do it.

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