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Do you LOVE yourself?

The month of LOVE has arrived! Who's excited? I know I am, especially because I can confidently say that I love myself... I cannot stress enough the importance of self-love. Loving yourself bleeds into every aspect of your life:

  • It improves your mood + boosts mental health.

  • It helps you create healthy boundaries at work + in relationships.

  • It leads to success in health + fitness goals.

  • + So much more!

Self-love is a journey. It ebbs and flows, sometimes you reach highs and other times you'll find yourself in lows. It's important to remember that just because you have a good day, doesn't mean you won't have any bad days. The ups and downs are perfectly ok and to be expected, that's just part of the journey. So, how do you know if you love yourself? I'm glad you asked...

  • You think and speak kind words to yourself more than hurtful words.

  • You respect yourself and your decisions.

  • You don't immediately beat yourself up when you fail, but instead think of what you can learn.

  • You can quickly and easily come up with things you love about yourself.

  • You celebrate your wins.

  • You trust yourself + your decisions.

  • You feel happy about and with yourself.

  • Like any relationship, you just KNOW.

Still feel like you need some help in the self-love department? I get it! It's not always easy learning to love yourself, so here are a few quick tips and tricks that I use and live by...

Positive Affirmations - List out and say aloud a few positive self-affirmations + do it daily. Consistency is key here as it'll help drown out the negative self-talk.

Treat Yourself - Show yourself that you are worth it by loving on yourself. This could mean bubble baths, getting your nails done, treating yourself to a meal you love or taking yourself out on a date. You wouldn't neglect your significant other, so why neglect yourself?

Create Boundaries - Create boundaries with work, friends, family and in romantic relationships. It's ok to put yourself first sometimes and if you make a habit out of doing it, you will be showing yourself love.

Because it's the month of love, I invite you to challenge yourself to try these self-love techniques! I hope they work for you and bring you some serious self-love.

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