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Quarantined Self-Care

Running out of self-care activities to do while quarantined at home?

Here are some ideas...

Start a new book.

Is there a book you've been meaning to start? What about a topic you want to learn more about? Now is a great time to start a book you maybe otherwise wouldn't have found the time to read...

Guided Meditation.

YouTube and various phone apps have different guided meditations. Why guided? They'll give you a new way to refocus your mind and help you to ignore distractions.

Play with a Pet.

As much as I love my pets, I sometimes forget to play fetch with them or watch them go crazy on catnip. Making time to play with pets is a great way to boost your mood and create a stronger bond with them.


Get some manicure tools online and start doing your own manicures. I've gotten a lot better at doing my nails in quarantine and it saves me a TON of money...

Learn a new recipe.

Have a family recipe that you've never made on your own? Missing a certain dish from your favorite restaurant? Try learning how to cook some of your favorites.

Unplug for a day.

Put your phone away and out of sight for a day. If you have family that likes to talk daily, let them know you'll be offline (trust me..). It feels great to take a break from the news, especially nowadays.

Teach yourself a new skill.

Whether it's cutting hair, baking, learning an instrument, whatever. Learn something you've always wanted to try but haven't had time for before.

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