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Banded Workouts: Legs

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

I've done ab workout series' and travel workout series' so now I give you the Banded Workout Series! This is a series of workouts 100% dedicated to resistance bands and loops. Don't have any? They're fairly affordable on Amazon.

Next up = Banded Leg Workouts

This one is great and can be repeated as many times as you want as a circuit. Repeat more times if you have extra time and want a more intensive workout. Only have 15-20 minutes? Just repeat it twice. Each circuit should take you between 6-12 minutes, depending on your break time between exercises. Want to make it harder? Try shrinking the break time between workouts and adding in reps.

Banded Leg Workout

Repeat 3X

15 x Jump Squats

30 x Banded Crab Walks

12 x Back Lunge to High Knees (Each Side)

15 x Donkey Kick-Backs (Each Side)

20 x Bridge to Clam

20 x Side Clams (Each Side)

20 x Jumping Lunges

15 x Banded Squats

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