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Wedding Planning: The 30-Day Checklist

Ian and I are about to enter into our 30-day Wedding Countdown! Wedding planning during a pandemic has been a bit of a rollercoaster, but overall, we are very grateful for the experience. With all of the ups and downs, the 30-day countdown somehow still seems a bit daunting. Likely because I am concerned that if I slip at all, it'll become increasingly more difficult to catch up...

Whenever something seems overwhelming, I like to make checklists. My 30-Day Wedding Checklist is by far the most extensive. Previous months have included anywhere from 5-15 action items, meanwhile, the final month is a bit more full.

How Am I Keeping Calm and Relaxed?

  • Self-Care - Self-care has been HUGE for me during this process. Sometimes it feels like there isn't enough time in the day, but I've noticed I'm much more productive if I take some time for myself too!

  • Plan and Schedule - Plan out as much as possible, but also remember to be flexible if things need to change because it happens! I schedule out time blocks for wedding tasks and make it fun when I can.

  • Communicate - I spend anywhere from 10 minutes to 2 hours per day communicating either with vendors or Ian about wedding plans. Staying in that constant communication has been a great way to stay on top of things.

My 30-Day Checklist

  1. Marriage License

  2. Rehearsal Dinner Booked + Invites Sent

  3. Centerpieces + Tablescapes Done

  4. Flowers Ordered

  5. Collect RSVPs

  6. Ceremony Programs Proofed and Printed

  7. Dance Classes / Dance Learned

  8. Finalize Key Contact + Vendor Contact Lists

  9. Collect Vendor Insurance

  10. Welcome Baskets + Favors Arranged

  11. Day of Itinerary Finalized

  12. Seating Chart Done

  13. Song List Finalized

  14. Photo / Shot List Finalized

  15. Final Dress Fitting + Pick-Up

  16. Pre-Wedding Haircut + Color

  17. Schedule Day-Of Getting Ready Catering / Food

  18. Rehearsal Dinner Menu Locked + RSVPs Collected

  19. Vows Written

  20. Nails Done

  21. Day-Of Bag + Essentials Packed

  22. Nails Done

  23. Arrange Bridal Party Gifts

  24. Send Vendors their Start Times + Start Location / Address

  25. Relax!

30-Day Wedding Checklist
Download PDF • 2.16MB


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