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September Challenge: Meditation and Breath Work

Ian and I have been in the process of purchasing our first home and it has NOT been good for my stress and mental health. I've slowly gotten more and more agitated as time has gone on and I don't like the side of myself that I am seeing.

With that said, I've decided to dedicate September to refocusing on meditation and breath work for relaxation. I want to be able to reflect and regain control over my emotions through meditation. This month, I will be focusing on meditating often and utilizing breath work to refocus my mind and body.

How will I measure success? By meditating at least 4 days per week and by being mindful to my overall mood and how it changes over time.

Throughout the month, I will be discussing meditation and breath work on the blog. Hopefully you can learn more about these areas during this time and maybe try it out for yourself!

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