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Summer Ready Ab Series: Cardio Abs

Bikini season is right around the corner... And though I don't believe in spot training workouts, I do find that a good ab workout gives me that boost in confidence that makes wearing a bikini much more empowering!

Some fitness trainers might try to convince you that you can lose weight in specific areas. That is INCREDIBLY difficult to do and most find the methods ineffective. Instead, you can tone certain areas by focusing on them and empower yourself by working out and feeling stronger in the areas that you're concerned about.

With that, I'm doing a mini Ab Series over the next few weeks and giving you some new ab workouts. To start... Cardio Abs!

Cardio Ab Circuit

Repeat 2-3x

25 Jumping Jacks

20 Twisting Knee-Up Crunches

50 Mountain Climbers

30 Bicycle Crunches

10 Plank to High Planks

10 Downward Dog to High Planks

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