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The Hot Girl Walk and Why I Love It

The #HotGirlWalk has become increasingly popular on social media and I gotta say, I understand the hype...

Before pregnancy I was all about high intensity workouts and weight lifting. To be honest, I still like the high intensity and will do more intensive workouts on my good days. However, I go for a walk *almost* everyday and it's changed my life.

That is not an over-exaggeration. It's helped me stay in shape, it's improved my mood and it's a great way to decompress without adding too much stress on your body or joints.

What is the #HotGirlWalk? It's just a walk. But we're owning it. A hot girl walk is simply an intentional movement walk and the person can make of it whatever they need. For me, it's a 20-30 minute walk (preferably outside), with me and my thoughts. It's a great time to reflect, enjoy fresh air and get movement in.

Why do I love it? For what it is, it can be a great supplemental workout. It's also a great alternative when you cannot get in a full workout due to pregnancy nausea, body aches and/or strains and when you just need to give your mind a break.

10/10 I recommend everyone get a daily walk in - even my husband has jumped on the trend and is LOVING it!


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