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My 28-Day Challenge

Throughout my life I have struggled with different dependencies and addictions, most recently TV. I know that sounds trivial to some, but it was one afternoon when I was watching Gossip Girl for the third time (yes, THIRD), when I realized that I was letting some unhealthy things take precedent in my life. Ever since I moved back to Minnesota for a job I have been working on bettering myself so I could be happier all around. Now I am taking the next step!

For 28 days, starting this Monday Feb. 15th, I am committing to healthier habits, wherein I will be doing the following things:

-Learn & cook 3 new meals each week (Mondays, Wednesdays & Saturdays)

-Read 1 book per week

-Attend 1 fitness class I have never been to per week

During this time I will be blogging about how things are going along the way. Each new meal will also get a post so you can make it yourself. Each book will get a review, in case you decide you need more reading in your life. And each fitness class will get an overview.

Keep in mind that on top of all of this I am still working three jobs and generally somewhere between 40-55 hours a week, so if a post is late, I am sorry!! I promise I will do the best I can to keep up with everything.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me at!

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