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My Good & Bad Habits

I know I haven't really gone into depth about what habits I am trying to eradicate from my life and which habits I am trying to develop. The latter is more so present in this blog through my 28-Day Challenge related posts, but I wanted to really go into depth here. One of the biggest problems with habit development or habit eradication is actually knowing how YOU personally can make those things happen. So here's my game plan:


Cooking regularly -- I will learn new meals and cooking strategies every week by upholding my promise to post about them.

Read regularly -- Instead of bringing my laptop to work for my breaks, I know bring my latest book, so I am more inclined to actually read it, instead of just sit there.

Work Out -- I noticed my biggest problem was convenience, so I started packing my gym things and now they always leave the house with me. Now it's convenient & I go!

Eat Home Cooked, Instead of Processed -- The cooking regularly helps with this, and I always make extras and pack the rest in tuperware for the next couple days!


Facebook Scrolling -- I deleted Facebook from my phone, it was rough for a couple of days, but so easy to stay off now.

Netflix Binging -- Keep busy (simple, but most people don't do it). You just have to make plans. Also, I try to lose my Amazon Fire TV remote, now it's less convenient to watch.

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