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Learning to Forgive

When I started this blog I was certain I could manage working 50-60 hours a week on top of going to the gym, learning to cook new meals, and reading daily. This is what many refer to as an unattainable goal. I think if I didn't have a social life I could have made this work, but I am an extrovert and really do enjoy my time with friends. I have kept up with the cooking, but haven't had enough time to really blog about it. I have also been reading (at least weekly) but it's not so easy to pick up a book everyday, especially when you're working so much. Generally by the time I am off work I want to do something physical or fun.

Another thing that has become a reality for me recently is my health. March was not so great for me in terms of my health, I was in and out of the doctor's trying to find balance in my life in this area. Finally, in the past few days, I am feeling better than I have in almost two months. It took a lot in terms of mental and emotional energy and a 12 hour night's sleep. Something I've literally NEVER done until late last week when everything just hit me and my body couldn't take what I was doing to it any longer.

Now I could let all of this discourage me or get me down and in a funk, but I am choosing to forgive myself. It is something I have always had a difficult time with, but recently I have learned to embrace forgiveness, especially forgiving oneself. I feel at peace knowing that I am doing the best I can to achieve a better me. As my schedule is starting to normalize again with work, I am slowly reading more and being able to blog more. I am hopeful for the future and that I can continue to grow!

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