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Don't Even Think About it! Grocery aisles to avoid.

So much of changing losing weight and becoming more healthy is just changing basic diet and food habits. A lot of people go to the grocery store and meander down each aisle, snaking through the entire store. Instead, try cutting out entire aisles from your shopping trip. This will help cut out the temptation to buy foods you shouldn't be eating. Also, it's a good rule of thumb that if the item is in one of these aisles, it probably isn't good for you.

Grocery Aisles I've Cut Out:

  • Candy/chips aisle

  • Soda aisle

  • Snack food aisle

  • Novelty ice cream aisle

Grocery Aisles I Try to Avoid:

  • Bread aisle

  • Cereal aisle

  • Canned goods aisle

When grocery shopping it is best to stay in the produce areas of the grocery store. Anything that is fresh and has an expiration date is generally safe to eat. Over processed foods can be very dangerous not only to your waistline, but also to your liver.

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