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Staying on Track on Vacation: A Cheat Sheet

How do I stay on track while on vacation?

It's actually must more simple than it seems. I have a few general guidelines that I like to follow, but my #1 most important rule = ENJOY IT. When on vacation, I like to enjoy myself and I generally end up eating healthy 50-75% off the time solely because it gives me more energy to enjoy the non-eating related parts of my vacation.

How I stay on Track:

  1. Enjoy It - It's 100% OK to enjoy vacation food. A week of eating whatever you want shouldn't derail you. But either way, a vacation should be about having a vacation, not about stressing and counting every little thing you're eating.

  2. Portion Control - Veggies are your friends. Whenever I'm on vacation, I try to eat meals with 1-3 servings of vegetables per meal. This helps me keep my energy levels up and prevents me from feeling sluggish on my trip.

  3. Get Grillin' - When it's an option, I like to go for grilled options (instead of fried). Fried foods tend to make me feel a little sick and that's the last thing I want while on vacation. As an added bonus, there are *usually* fewer calories!

  4. Eat Whole - Whole, natural foods are the play. Instead of digging into a bag of potato chips, I order home-cut fries or potato wedges. It's very similar in taste, but the way potato chips are processed can add a lot of fat and chemicals that you do not need.

  5. Drink Water - All day, every day. Staying hydrated is a great way to keep your energy levels up and keep you from feeling sick or sluggish on your vacation.


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