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At-Home Self-Care

So many people hear the term self-care and panic. Their head goes to, "that's too expensive", "I don't have enough time", and "how scheduling and going somewhere fixed relaxing?" There are a lot of self-imposed barriers to taking care of ourselves, but we all deserve it and we can do it all from the comfort of our own homes. You just have to get a little creative.

Here are my 8 favorite self-care ideas that you can do at home:

  • Read a Book - Reading can be so therapeutic (if you enjoy reading). And it is definitely a form of self-care, as it gives you a little break and allows you to unplug.

  • Mini Yoga Flow - YouTube and Hulu both have great mini yoga flow options that can be down from the comfort of your own living room. There are options ranging from 10-60 minutes.

  • Journal - Journaling isn't for everyone, but if it is for you, do it! Even if it's 10 minutes, sit down and get some journaling in. You can even find fun prompts online to help you get started.

  • HIIT Circuits - There are a bunch of 20-30 minute bodyweight HIIT circuits out there on Google and Pinterest. Find one you love and get in a quick at-home workout.

  • Take a Bath - If you have a bath at home, try a bath with Epsom salts, essential oils, bubbles, candles, or just some hot water. I 10/10 recommend this form of self-care.

  • Face Masks - Find a couple face masks that you love and rotate between them for the ultimate skincare routine. You can even create your own.

  • Ground yourself Outside - Ever heard the term 'grounding' or 'earthing'? Take a meditation app and sit outside barefoot. Give yourself 10-15 minutes and breathe in the fresh air, it's so therapeutic.

  • Meditate - Too cold to sit outside? Meditate in the comfort of your own living room. There are a variety of great meditation apps that can help you start.

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