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Positive Self-Affirmations

What are positive self-affirmations?

Positive self-affirmations are anything you say to or write down about yourself that is positive. Imagine giving a friend a compliment, only you're giving it to yourself. Positive self-affirmations can be anything from one-word statements, to phrases, to a love letter you write yourself.

What are they good for anyways?

In a world overrun by social media and ad campaigns that glorify skinny, heavy makeup and impossible standards as beautiful, positive self-affirmations are a great way to remind ourselves why we are worthy too. It's so easy nowadays to forget and to look down on ourselves for not being that perfect ideal of beautiful, or for not living up to career goals, or for being "behind" in our lives' timeline. Whatever negative narratives you are telling yourself about yourself, positive self-affirmations work against that.

Positive self-affirmations are great for turning around the way we see each other. Over time they can help us to improve our overall view of ourselves, eradicating our self-hate and promoting self-love.

How to use self-affirmations?

When just starting out it is very important to focus on the things you believe are true and from there go bigger over time. Start out with things you love about your life or things you know you are good at and grow into the big things that right now you may not believe about yourself.

There are a few ways to use self-affirmations: write them down, say them aloud in a mirror, and leave notes around your home and say them to yourself every time you come across one. If it seems silly to you right now to talk to yourself aloud in a mirror, simply write your self-affirmations down in a journal. Take 5-10 minutes a day and write the first few things that come to mind. As you get more comfortable start to say them aloud and eventually learn to have a self-affirming conversation with yourself in the mirror. I promise you, it's life-changing.

My 5 Favorite Positive Self-Affirmations:

1. I am great at ____________. (For example, swimming, hiking, singing.)

2. I am worthy.

3. I have a great, loving and caring family.

4. I am beautiful.

5. I am compassionate and kind.

Best of luck with your positive self-affirmations and let me know how it goes for you!

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