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What I Eat in a Day

Our food and daily nutrition is an essential component to our overall health. Eating well and eating a balanced diet makes me feel healthy and bonus, keeps my skin clear and glowy! It's important to note that I don't like to deprive myself of anything or 'cut foods out', so to say. I believe in an everything in moderation approach. A great way to explain this would be the 80/20 rule. Meaning 80% of the time I eat healthy, whole foods and lean meats and the other 20% of the time is dedicated toward 'fun foods' like wine and ramen (two of my faves).

In a day I like to stick to 1400-1600 calories right now as I am in a calorie deficit working to release another 5-10 pounds. I break those calories down into macro-nutrient goals as follows; 88g Protein, 156g Carbs and 46g Fat. A day in the life of Kayla's eating looks a little something like this...

11AM - Breakfast

Protein Smoothie consisting of;

Orgain Vegan Vanilla Protein Powder

Frozen Strawberries

Frozen Blueberries


Approx. 225 calories

2PM - Lunch

Spinach Salad consisting of;

BBQ Pulled Chicken


Red Onion

Shredded Cabbage

Bell Peppers

Ranch Dressing

Approx. 315 calories

Biohm Supergreens Powder in Water

Supergreens blend mixed with water in a blender bottle

Approx. 30 calories

4PM - Snack

Trader Joe's Ramen Cup

Trader Joe's 'healthy-ish' take on ramen, I add sriracha

Approx. 200 calories

7PM - Dinner

Spicy Shrimp Fajitas;


Corn Tortillas

Yellow Onion

Bell Peppers

Lime Juice

Cayenne & Cumin Spice Mix

Approx. 350 calories


Charles Shaw White Zinfandel

Approx. 360 calories

Total Calories = 1,480

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