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I Deleted Facebook from my Phone: Here's Why

Social media is a large part of millennial culture. There is this pressure almost, to stay up-to-date with everyone else's lives and to make your own life seem as great as possible. This gets incredibly stressful. Do I wish I didn't care so much? Of course. But I do. I am only human after all, and though I strive to be self-loving, I do still care what other people think.

A few weeks ago I noticed that certain things on Facebook would really affect me. There was a particular instance in a Facebook group where I started getting picked on for speaking out on my distain for people that tailgate. Seems like a ridiculous thing to bully someone over, right? Well, I guess some people just need to add more spice to their lives. That's fine. But I don't need that kind of negativity all the time.

That day I made the conscious decision to delete the app from my phone. I still check Facebook everyday, sometimes twice, but adding the extra step of having to check it from my laptop certainly has cut down on how much time I spend on the site as a whole. I went from checking my feed 8-15 times a day, to 2-3 times.

I would HIGHLY recommend this for anyone feeling particularly stressed, anxious or depressed. It helps me stay more mindful to the present and keeps unnecessary negativity farther away. I find myself sometimes at a loss for what to do because I have made checking Facebook such a mindless habit, but it is interesting to see how reliant on it I had become to fill my time. Now I get to find new, productive things to fill that time. It's easier to get work done. I can spend more time getting through my to-do lists and I'm ultimately just happier.

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