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Hangover Self-Care

Happy Bachelor Monday! For those of you that don't know, we're deep into Monday night Bachelor season, which means, wine. Lots of wine. And wine on a Monday night can be known to lead to a rough Tuesday. I'm happy to say that my hangovers are nearly non-existent nowadays. Partially because I strive for being healthy, but also because of my cleanses and self-care routine. Notice how I didn't say it's because I don't drink. I still enjoy wine and the occasional White Claw, yes I know I'm basic...

Either way, hangovers are very real and not at all fun. I have a few self-care tips that will help you get through the next hangover. My #1 tip though, refrain from heavy drinking if there's somewhere you have to be tomorrow.

Tip #1: Water

This seems so obvious, but really it's not as obvious as it should be. I don't just mean gulp down 24 oz of water first thing when you wake up. Drink water the night of both while you're drinking and before you go to bed. I'd also recommend continuous sipping instead of chugging. Why? Chugging water can be hard on your already fragile stomach. Do your tummy a favor and introduce the water gently.

Tip #2: Vitamins

Alcohol drains your body of its essential vitamins. When you get that horrible headache and body aches, a lot of that can be attributed to low vitamin levels. If you look at the ingredients on hangover pill bottles, you'll usually notice a lot of vitamins. That's a big part of why they work, the pill is refilling your vitamin levels. Don't have hangover pills? Try Emergency-C, vitamin C pills, or any over the counter daily multivitamin. It's usually better to take it after you're done drinking and before you go to bed.

Tip #3: Cool Shower

Taking a cool shower is a great way to wake up your body and nerve endings again. It'll help get the blood flowing the way it's supposed to and clean off some of that alcohol smell. I'd recommend cold or at least colder than what you usually do because it'll really wake you up.

Tip #4: Meditate + Breathe

The sugar in alcohol has given you a sugar high and then caused you to crash. That's part of why alcohol is referred to as a depressant. A good way to start feeling better is to focus on getting your heart functioning normally again. Take 10 minutes and focus on calm breathing in a quiet area. You'll notice you feel significantly better after that 10 minutes.

Tip #5: Eat Healthy

I imagine this one will be the most difficult for people seeing as the only thing that really sounds good with a hangover is greasy, fatty foods. Do what you can to avoid these. Am I saying eat a salad? If your stomach can handle it, yes. But if not, just focus on healthier choices where you can. Instead of a burger, try steamed rice and chicken. Instead of potato chips, try crackers or popcorn. It's not about eating perfectly, but about making the healthiest choices you can make. Remember, your body is low on vitamins!

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