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Combating Period Pain without Pills

Yeah, I'm going THERE. Period pain is definitely up there on my list of least favorite things and I certainly get my fair share. Fortunately, it hasn't gotten as bad as it used to in high school for years, but there was a point when it would get so bad I'd be throwing up and passing out from pain. Nowadays it usually just has me restricted to my bed for a day or very uncomfortable for a while.

As someone who likes to stray away from pain medication, I have sought out alternative ways to combat the pain. Granted, these will not work for everyone and sometimes the pain is just so bad I myself will take an Aleve, but here are some of the things I like to try first...

Heating Pads and Warm Baths

A good heating pad is a great investment if you're no stranger to period cramps. Mine has a necessary 10 ft. cord and it's long so I can wrap it around my stomach. Heating pads and warm baths are a great way to relieve pain, though you are restricted to the couch, a chair or your bed, it's still a great alternative.

Jumping / Bouncing

This may sound silly, but I swear it helps! Even though your body may be screaming for you to lay in a fetal position, movement can be great for period cramps. Jumping or bouncing helps to loosen things up and it's kinda fun. So even if you feel silly, just try it. The worst that can happen is it doesn't help at all.

Ginger & Cayenne Tea

During my period, I like to drink detox tea with cayenne and ginger. The cayenne helps by dilating your blood vessels and the ginger is a natural remedy for a sore stomach or stomach ache. They all act together to relieve pain and help with any potential clotting (I know that got a little gross... sorry).


Some yoga poses are great for period pain. Namely child's pose and if you lie on your back and pull your knees into your chest, try rocking back and forth. Both of these are simple and easy poses that should relieve some of the pain. Pinterest is also a great resource for more intensive yoga poses that can help with cramping.

Low-Intensity Workouts

Again, I know sometimes your body is screaming for you not to move, but it can help immensely when you're on your period. As long as you're not literally dying, try getting in a light workout. This could be a walk, a bike ride, or even some low-weight exercises. Avoid anything high-intensity. Side note: do your best to make sure you have plenty of water and have eaten within the last 2-3 hours. Working out fasted on your period can sometimes make matters worse.

Drink PLENTY of Water

I cannot stress the importance of water enough. If you're on your period, you should be drinking even more water than usual, you're losing blood and your body is working harder than it usually does. I shoot for 20-40 oz. more per day than I would when I'm not on my period.

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