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Body Dysmorphia Explained

I've discussed my history with eating disorders briefly on this blog and I mentioned having a bit of body dysmorphia. In short, body dysmorphia means you see your body differently that what it actually looks like. In my case, I've seen myself larger than I actually am. For example, when I was a size 0 in college, I'd see other girls come into my work and try on size 4, 6 and 8 and I thought I looked their size. I should say there is absolutely nothing wrong with any of those sizes, the issue was I saw myself 2-4 sizes larger than I actually was.

Body dysmorphia can come about for a variety of different reasons from prolonged negative self talk to emotional abuse from a loved one to delusions brought about by other mental disorders. Body dysmorphia is not simply noticing the things you do not like about your body and fixating on them, it's literally seeing something alternative to what is actually there.

Examples of Body Dysmorphia:

  • Someone that is 110 pounds, seeing themselves as 180 pounds.

  • Someone that has defined abs instead seeing jelly rolls.

People with body dysmorphia might...

  • Excessively exercise

  • Over-groom themselves

  • Avoid mirrors

  • Seek surgery

  • Excessively check themselves in the mirror

  • Pick their skin

If you are currently struggling or believe you may be struggling with body dysmorphia, please contact a mental health care professional. I am more than happy to answer any questions but cannot diagnose or prescribe medication.

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