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A Gallon a Day Challenge

It's been a hot minute since I've done a gallon a day challenge, so why not jump back into it with a 5-day challenge? Today marks the 1st day of my 5-day gallon a day challenge...

What is it?

A gallon-a-day challenge is a challenge to drink a gallon of water per day. You can pick how many days you want to challenge yourself to; for this one, I'm going for 5 days. A gallon = 128 oz. of water, which is about twice what experts say you should be drinking at a minimum.

How will I get it done?

I have a water bottle that holds half a gallon so I will be drinking 2 of those a day + starting each day by drinking a minimum of 20oz of water on an empty stomach. I usually drink 40-60 oz. during my workout and the rest will be done throughout the day.

Why bother?

Water is essential to our overall health and it helps your body with so many necessary functions. Drinking a lot of water helps with digestion and aids your immune system. I generally don't get sick, it's been about a year since I was sick enough to miss work, however, this is usually the time of year when my immune system is at highest risk. So, drinking extra water should help me stay healthy this time of year.

Water is detoxifying. Liver health is incredibly important to me and making sure you're engaging in preventative maintenance is part of keeping your liver healthy. Avoiding heavy drinking, drugs and chemicals from medications and such is key in keeping your liver healthy, but water can help too. The last time I did this challenge was for 3 days and I noticed a reduction in hangovers after the fact, so that's a huge plus!

What you can expect from me...

I will be documenting my challenge on my Instagram stories throughout the week and follow up with another blog post at the end of the week, so look out for that! You can follow my challenge on Insta @kaylaadahl!

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