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Why I Use CBD

When I was diagnosed with severe anxiety my doctor got me on anti-anxiety medication. It did help, but the side effects quickly proved to be not worth the trouble. After a few months I'd gained 30 pounds, I felt sluggish and bloated and my chest pains seemed to worsen compared to before. Bottom line, even though it helped my anxiety, the downsides seemed to be too big a price to pay and I wanted to find an alternative...

I started implementing more holistic methods of managing my anxiety and eventually someone convinced me to try CBD oil. I was hesitant at first because I didn't want to get the "high" feeling that people get from smoking weed. I was assured that CBD didn't result in such a feeling and I was pleasantly surprised to find that to be true.

At first I took about 1/4 a dose and slowly worked my way up to the full dose once per day. I was taking CBD everyday for a while and then slowly tapered off. Believe it or not, I don't usually need it anymore. My anxiety is almost completely managed through diet, exercise and self-care now. I still use CBD on an as-needed basis, which really only ends up being 2-4 times per month. Nothing compared to every day and SO MUCH better than the daily anti-anxiety medication that I was on about 3 years ago...

I'd recommend anyone with anxiety try CBD. The worst that happens is it doesn't work for you and you move on to the next thing... But it's worth a shot if you can make it work with your lifestyle.

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