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Introducing my Stress Management Coaching Program

Ever feel like your stress and anxiety is controlling your life? Preventing you from doing all you want to do and planned to do? Do you wish you could control your stress and anxiety instead of it controlling you?

I spent the larger part of my teen years and early 20's victim to the havoc that my stress and anxiety was having on my life. It got so bad I ended up having a mental breakdown and wasn't able to leave my house for almost three weeks. That's a lot of missed opportunities.

In 2015, I decided that I needed to make serious change and started researching best practices and tips and tricks for managing stress and anxiety. Over the years I've developed a "toolbox" of healthy coping mechanisms, time management techniques, stress relievers and more. I've spent the last few months working on a curriculum to share that information with anyone who's ready to receive it, so with that I'd like to officially introduce my Stress Management Coaching Program!

What is it?

A niche life-coaching program specifically geared toward stress and anxiety management coaching. Meant to equip you with the tools to conquer your stress and anxiety.

What does the program cover?

It covers anything and everything stress and anxiety management related. We'll discuss my toolbox techniques, uncovering your triggers, re-writing your history and negative memories and more. You'll get a summary of over 5 years of research and 25+ years of life experience with chronic stress and anxiety.

What's the Time Commitment?

The program is meant to last 8 weeks, but can last longer or slightly shorter if necessary. It's 8 45-minute sessions with me and asks you to complete short tasks outside of the sessions. Overall the time commitment is about 8-10 hours. Nothing, in the grand scheme of things and when considering how much time you could lose to your stress and anxiety.

What does it cost?

I am offering the first session FREE to the first 5 people that sign up and a 50% discount on the first 3 people that commit to the full 8 sessions. If you pay miss out on this amazing discount it's either $50 per session or $325 if you pay in full no later than the start of your second session.

Do you do a free consultations?

Yes! If you want to learn more you can schedule a FREE 20 minute consultation call with me. Just go here and make sure to select the FREE consultation option.

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