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Cold-Busting Hacks

Got a pesky winter cold? Take Vitamin C, right? WRONG.

Sorry to shatter everything you may know about colds, but vitamin C is really only helpful in preventing colds, not getting rid of them once they've arrived. Vitamin C CAN relieve symptoms of a cold, such as a stuffed nose, but that's not curing the cold... Here are my go-to tips and tricks for busting colds:


It's a supplement and vitamin similar to vitamin C, but works better than vitamin C at actually getting rid of your cold once you have it. Over the counter cold medications like Airborne usually have Zinc in them, or you can just take it on its own.


Take however much water you're drinking on a daily basis and double it, at least. Unless you're like me and are already drinking about 100 ounces per day, in that case you're good with a gallon (128 ounces).

Epsom Salt Baths

These aren't just for self-care... Epsom salt baths will help pull the toxins out of your body more quickly, just make sure you're also staying hydrated to avoid dehydration from the extra sweating.

Reduce Stress

A lot of illness comes from stress somewhere in the body, so one of the best ways to get healthy again is to reduce your overall stress. Take time off, delegate tasks and sleep more to reduce stress on both your body and your mind.

Airborne Chewables

I mentioned them in my blurb about Zinc, but they get their own tip because this is one of the MOST important parts of my cold busting. Whenever I feel a cold coming on a take 3 of their chewable and continue to take 3 up to 3X per day until the cold is gone. My colds rarely last more than a day and by rarely I mean I get a cold lasting more than 2 days every couple years.

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