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The Perfect Meal Planning Guide

New to meal planning? COVID-19 has a lot of us staying home a lot more and eating our meals in instead of out... About a year and a half ago, we decided to limit eating out to once a week in an effort to save money, so I've been meal planning for a while now and have created a meal planning guide based on my process. You can view it below or click here to download it.

How it works:

Fill in your meal plan for each day, be as detailed as possible, and create your shopping list based off of your intended meals.

How to maximize your food:

Try to use the same food items for multiple meals. For example, if a recipe calls for 2 zucchini and 4 come in the pack, plan 2 meals that call for 2 zucchinis. That way you're not throwing away food at the end of the week. As you get in the habit and practice of doing this you will find it easier to maximize food.

Where to find inspiration:

Feel like you're doing the same meals over and over? I love to turn to pinterest for meal ideas. You can search by type of food, cooking methods and more! Also considering searching my blogs by the tags "Cooking" and "Healthy Eating". You can scroll to the bottom of my main blog page and click on the tag you want to search to find more recipes that I've tried and love.

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