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Trader Joe's: Stock Up Essentials

Saying I love Trader Joe's would be an understatement... I LIVE for our Trader Joe's shopping trips because I am a huge fan of the particular grocery chain. Not only do they have great healthy options and alternatives, they taste FANTASTIC! So, what should you be stocking up on?

Frozen Fruit + Veggies

Trader Joe's has a wide array of frozen fruit and veggie options, including great stir-fry medley's that are easy to mix with a protein source for a quick dinner. Why frozen? With quarantines and lock-downs it's good practice to avoid a bunch of grocery trips throughout the week. Frozen fruit and veggies will stay longer so you can go longer without heading to the store.

Frozen Shrimp Stir Fry

I cannot talk enough about how much I love Trader Joe's frozen shrimp stir fry. It's a mix of veggies and frozen shrimp. I like to buff up the volume with added broccoli or cauliflower and then serve it over rice. For the sauce I use Soyaki and Sriracha. It's AMAZING and a major favorite in our household.

Trader Joe's Brand Ramen

I wouldn't recommend eating a ton of ramen, but if you're craving it, the Trader Joe's brand is much better than the typical grocery store ramen. It's healthier and fewer calories. Want to add some flavor? Try adding Sriracha for some extra spice and seaweed for extra texture.

Nuts + Seeds

Trader Joe's has a really good selection of nuts, seeds and dried fruit. It's great to add a little protein and fat to your diet and they have a long shelf life! Avoid high fat nuts like cashews and go for things like walnuts, almonds and pumpkin seeds if you can.

Charles Shaw Wine

Yes, I'm talking the two-buck-chuck wine that Trader Joe's is famous for... No, I'm not condoning drinking a TON of wine, but with the stress of the current situation, a glass with dinner won't kill you and why not save money while doing it? My personal favorite is the White Zinfandel, but it's VERY sweet and I wouldn't recommend it if you like a more dry wine.

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