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Summer Self-Care

Summer is here and that means... a NEW self-care inspiration list has arrived!

What's the point of self-care inspiration for the different seasons? Self-care is a wonderful thing and why shouldn't you have all of the inspiration you can get?! I certainly love new and unique types of self-care... But that's just me.

Beach or Park Yoga

Why do yoga outside, you ask... Yoga barefoot and outside is a great way to practice grounding. Grounding helps you to take advantage of the negative ions in the ground and recenter both emotionally and physically. The yoga is just fun. Well, in my opinion...

Catch Some Sun

Fun fact: A little bit of sun everyday is actually good for you! Granted, excessive sun can have a lot of negative impacts, but 10-15 minutes of sun exposure per day is generally healthy and recommended.

Turn off the Devices Earlier

The sun is going down later so it might be harder to get to sleep earlier. Turning off screens and other devices around 8 or 9 PM will help your body start to wind down earlier in the night and help you get a better night's sleep.

Play Your Favorite Outdoor Sport

Some people love golf, some beach volleyball and others just love to run. Whatever you enjoy, get to it and be active outside for a while. The sun and fresh air will feel amazing and you'll be doing something you love!

Drink MORE Water

Drinking enough water IS self-care because you're giving yourself a valuable and vital resource your body needs to thrive. Depending on where you are, it's likely that you could be getting dehydrated more quickly if it's significantly hotter. Replace those lost electrolytes and fluids with some extra water.

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