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August Fitness Challenge: Transform 20

For my final new Beachbody Fitness Program...

Transform :20

Transform :20 is a collection of 20 minute, high-intensity workouts that are sure to kick your butt! I like to make my HIIT workouts fairly intense, but this is a whole new thing... Not having the 30 second break in between workouts definitely kept my heart rate up.

The program calls for the use of a step, which I did not have, so instead I did everything at one level and added light weights, one in each hand. No lie, adding the weights definitely added to the intensity and my arms, especially my delts were HELLA sore afterwards.

What I Liked - I liked how short the workout was. I felt like I got a great workout in in a short amount of time and this type of program would be great for a really busy day.

What I Didn't Like - I didn't love that it required equipment. Sure I could do it without the step, but without the hand weights it might not kick me in the butt as much as I'd like for the short time span. If I didn't have the hand weights I'd probably have to tack something on to the beginning or end of the workout.

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