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August New Recipes: Shrimp + Tomato Pasta

New recipes are coming this month and I could not be more excited to share these with you! For week three, I went totally uncharacteristic and made an Italian dish. Anyone that knows me and my cooking knows that I steer pretty far clear of anything Italian. Frankly, I don't love it. This Shrimp and Tomato Pasta however... *chef's kiss*!

What a great comfort food recipe! I also made it completely diary free and I kid you not, Ian asked if it had cheese... It was creamy and tasted like it should've given us bad stomach aches in the best way.

What You'll Need:

Fettuccine Pasta - 2-4 Servings

Shrimp - 8-12 oz.

Tomatoes - 4-5

3 Cups Uncooked Spinach (or half a Bag)

1 1/2 Tbsp Garlic

3 Tbsp Olive Oil

1/4 Cup Almond Cheese

Salt + Pepper to Taste

1 Tsp Paprika


  1. Start the pasta on the stove, per the package instructions.

  2. While the pasta cooks, wash and prep your tomatoes.

  3. Heat 1-2 Tbsp Olive Oil in a large pan (make sure it's large and deep enough to also include the cooked pasta later on).

  4. Add the shrimp to the pan and cook on each side 1-2 minutes. Add in the tomatoes (and mushrooms if desired). Stir together with the garlic, salt, pepper and paprika. Let cook together for 5-8 minutes.

  5. Once the pasta is cooked, drain the water and set aside. Add some olive oil and a pinch of salt so the noodles don't stick together.

  6. 1-2 minutes before adding the pasta, add in the uncooked spinach and stir together.

  7. Add in the pasta once the spinach is nearly cooked down and combine all together in your large pan.

  8. Just before serving, add cheese and stir together. The cheese will begin to melt into the pasta dish.

  9. Serve and enjoy!

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