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Falling into Fitness: Leg Workout

My next Falling into Fitness Workout is here!

Every Monday through mid-October, I'll be posting an all new, fresh workout. Usually the New Year and Spring brings forth this motivation to start something new, but I say, we should strive to start new things year round. Make creating new habits a habit in it of itself.

Today we are doing a Leg workout.

Falling Into Fitness: Leg Workout

Repeat the circuit 2-3x

20x Jump Squats

20x Alternating Back Lunges

20x Side Lunge to Romanian Deadlift

20x Jumping Lunges

12x Weighted Squats

30x Inner Thigh Pulses (Each Side)

Booty Burnout: 20 Side Clams, 15 U-Taps, 10 Back Bicycles

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