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New Year, New Habits

2022 is just days away and I cannot believe how quick it's come!

Going into a new year is usually a time for reflection and adjustment for me. Instead of listing out a bunch of things I want to change, I refocus my intentions and hone in on things I want to make out of the next year.

To put it simply, I set my intentions about how I want to be and what I want to accomplish in the next year. It could be as simple as wanting to spend more time stretching or as big as wanting to finish writing a book. The ideal is to focus less on what I want to change and more on what I want to create.

Instead of saying that I want to be healthier, I commit to drinking more water. Why do this? I've found that creating positive goals and intentions is much more impactful.

Each year, I like to start by refocusing on or creating new habits that can be beneficial to me. In January 2022, I will be sharing a new habit with you every Monday. I'll go over the habit, why I enjoy it and what goes into creating and maintaining it.

If you have a new habit you'd like to try or see me write about, email me at

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