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New Year, New Healthy Habits: Meal Planning

The start of a new year brings about new resolutions, new goals and new habits... Personally, I believe that one of the best ways to create lasting progress is to create and maintain healthy habits that help you achieve your goals. With that, I have decided to dedicate January to New Healthy Habits!

Every Sunday I am posting a New Healthy Habit with some of the tips and tricks that I live by... This week's new healthy habit is Meal Planning.

Why meal plan? It saves time and money. That's the big reason. I've found that I spend less time throughout the week and far less money because I'm not throwing away food that I don't use. Taking out the guesswork allows me to focus more energy on the tasks that need to get done throughout the week and less energy deciding what to make for dinner.

How does meal planning work? Sit down with Pinterest and your cookbooks to plan out your meals for the next week. You can be as detailed or as basic as you need. I usually have the same breakfast and lunch everyday and plan out different dinners.

Where do you start? I like to start with my template, it provides a framework that I can then fill in with my planned meals. Once I have my meals outlined for the week, I create a shopping list based off of those meals and add in some snacks I feel we'll likely need. You can view my template below or click here to download it.

How do you maximize your food? Try to use the same food items for multiple meals. For example, if a recipe calls for 2 zucchini and 4 come in the pack, plan 2 meals that call for 2 zucchinis. That way you're not throwing away food at the end of the week. As you get in the habit and practice of doing this you will find it easier to maximize food.

My Meal Planning Template:

Meal Planner_v2
Download PDF • 5.18MB

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