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Tis’ the Season for Christmas Traditions

It's probably safe to say that most of us have at least one Holiday tradition...

We have quite a few in my family. Some small, some larger and some that have likely been forgotten over the years. The thing I love most about these holiday traditions is that we do them together and that togetherness creates this feeling of communal nostalgia. There are always those few traditions that everyone thinks of fondly and we can reminisce on past years' versions of the same tradition.

For those of you looking for inspiration or just looking to get more into the holiday spirit, I'll be sharing my family's Christmas Traditions. With that, Merry Christmas Eve! Let's get to it...

Christmas Eve Dinner

Every year, my family gets together for a Christmas Eve dinner. I honestly cannot remember a Christmas Eve wherein I wasn't sitting across the table from my mom, chowing down on yummy food. It's a rather simple tradition, but it's the fact that we always do it that makes it feel all the more special.

Christmas Day Brunch

My family seemingly loves food... As I write this post, I am reminded that most of my family Christmas traditions revolve around food. I'm not complaining though. Brunch is a fun tradition for me because it breaks up the Christmas gifts. We generally do stockings in the morning, have brunch, then do gifts. My little brother used to hate it, but as he gets older, I think he's beginning to understand the appeal of holding off on opening everything at once.

Movie Marathons + Chinese

Here we go again with the food. Usually after Christmas gifts, we have ourselves a little Holiday Movie Marathon. Whenever we decide we're getting hungry again, we order Chinese food. Why Chinese? It started years ago. My guess is we did it because Chinese restaurants were always open, but it's stuck nonetheless.

Our traditions might seem small to you, but to me, they're wonderful. It's always one of my favorite 36 hours of the year, filled with laughs, good food and all the Christmas cheer you could need.


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