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Tis’ the Season for my Favorite Champagne Cocktail

Who doesn't love a good Holiday Cocktail (or mocktail)? I sure do!

This particular Cranberry-Inspired Champagne Cocktail is versatile too! It makes a great Christmas Dinner Drink or NYE cocktail... Its color even makes it appropriate for Valentine's Day, which is coming up faster than I'm ready to admit.

What You'll Need:

  • Champagne, Brut / Dry (if Available)

  • Trader Joe's Cranberry Ginger Soda (Substitute = Ginger Beer)

  • Cranberry Juice

  • Cranberries and Rosemary for Garnish


  1. Grab your glass and add in 1 part champagne, 1 part Cranberry Ginger Soda, 1 part Cranberry Juice.

  2. Top with cranberries and rosemary for garnish and serve!


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