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THE ONE AND ONLY is a New York Times Bestseller written by Emily Griffin. It's a story about unconventional love and learning to accept such things. Shea Rigsby is our main character. She's a small town Texas girl who's love for football runs deeper than anything else. That is, until she realizes she's in love with someone who's always, in a way, been there. Griffin's writing is much more straight forward than authors like Hemingway, but it is still enjoyable. I think that because I enjoy flowery diction, maybe this book wasn't the best choice for me, but I undoubtedly enjoyed it.

What's great about this story is it helps us to understand others. Because the relationship characterized in the book is so unconventional we, the readers, begin to understand that the actions of others aren't always going to make sense to us and that's alright. People do things for many reasons, but most of the time, it's not with the intention of hurting you.

This book isn't a must-read, but I do feel like it could be a good read for many people, especially if you like football or fall into the unconventional love story category.

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