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Read Challenge Book #2: The Healing Code

I did it! There was certainly some doubt this month as to whether I'd finish my read challenge, but I am pleased to say, I finished! Bonus, I finished with a day to spare. In retrospect I do think this was a good challenge for me as it reminded me how much I enjoy reading. The only downside was that it did create some stress in me as I rushed to finish two 200+ page books in 31 days. That might not seem like a ton, but as someone who works 50-60 hours a week and works out 6 days a week, I don't have a ton of free time. I did find creative ways to fit reading into my day. Whether it was during my bath or even during my cardio, I made it work.

The second book I read this month is titled "The Healing Code" and discusses a technique discovered by Dr. Alexander Loyd to quash stress and issues of the heart, as he puts it. The book was co-authored by his friend and colleague, Ben Johnson. The co-authoring situation led to some confusion as to who was writing what at point, but I soon let go of that need to know and was really able to enjoy the book.

Overall, I found their technique rather hopeful and plan to use it in my own life. They use something called the healing codes to heal hearts and heart issues rooted in unhealthy and destructive cellular memories. Alex and Ben point out that 90% off our destructive memories are unconscious, but that this system can work on those without us even consciously remembering. I am a tad skeptical but keeping an open mind and I have seen things very similar to this work in the past.

I wouldn't recommend this book to everyone, but if you are able to keep an open mind and looking for alternative ways to heal any issue: mental, emotional, physical, anything at all, please consider reading this book. It's doubtful that it will help you if you do not keep an open mind, but if you do, it has the potential to help you greatly.

My only real gripe about the book would be their focus on God and spreading the message of Christianity. Don't get me wrong. I myself was raised Christian, baptized and confirmed in the Lutheran church. However, at times they make it seem as though you can only get so far in your healing unless you accept God into your life and while that is all fine and well, I don't agree with this notion. I believe that we all can be healed and reach self-actualization regardless of our religion. Religion, after all is a choice. Who is anyone to say what another should or shouldn't believe? We can make arguments in favor of our case, sure. But to inhibit someone else's standard of life based on the religion they subscribe to seems a bit exclusive and limiting to me.

I hope I have not scared anyone away too much. Overall this is a great book that I plan to keep with me to reference back to whenever I need it. Alas, I am known to be critical and would not be true to myself were I not honest.

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