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Post Event-Day Blues

If you're like me you anticipate and look forward to big life events and then once the day comes and goes there is a moment of 'oh, it's all over. What do I look forward to now?' If this isn't you, I am jealous. But this is definitely me. Sometimes I overwhelm myself trying to plan all of these fun events and vacations because I don't like the feeling of having nothing to look forward to, however, sometimes you just can't always be doing something. Frustrating, right?

Well, I've been thinking and trying some things out and I now know what works for me so that I can just enjoy the moment I am in, instead of constantly looking to what's next.

Tip #1: Gratitude

If you're feeling down and like there just isn't much going for you right now, write yourself a gratitude list. I talk all about these in one of my other blogs. Basically, gratitude lists help us refocus on the great things we have in our lives that we can be grateful for, making them a great practice when you're feeling low and like there's not enough in your life.

Tip #2: Practice Being Present

This is a little bit more challenging and can take some practice, hence starting the tip off with the word, "practice". The best place to start when practicing being present is to put your phone down. Forget it in your office, leave it in the car, hide it from yourself, whatever you have to do to set it aside for an hour or two. I promise you, you will not be as missed as you think you'll be, I'd know, I've had to sever the limb myself...

Tip #3: Turn Your Routine into Mini-Events

Turning your routine into mini-events does not mean plan more, it means have a mindset shift around what defines an event and appreciating your routine. For example, one of my guilty pleasures is The Bachelor and Bachelorette franchise, which comes out on Mondays during the on-season. So every Monday I get all geared up, sit down with my favorite things (i.e. cat, blanket, wine) and watch a new episode. This has become a mini-event for me and something I can look forward to because I enjoy it. Remember, there is no shame in looking forward to something you enjoy, no matter how big or small it might seem to someone else.

I hope these fun tips can help you! Look out for a video I'll be posting June 14th on my Growing Up Anxious YouTube channel. I will be discussing this very topic and go a little more in-depth into gratitude lists. Happy Sunday everyone!

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