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What is Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga is a new trend that has taken the yoga world by storm in the last 2-3 years. Put simply, it's yoga in a sauna. It's never as hot as a true sauna, but you can usually expect the room to be set somewhere in the 90-120 degrees Fahrenheit range. If you ask me, that's plenty hot...

Why do people love it?

When I talk to people about hot yoga the #1 thing I hear is they love how it makes them sweat. This makes total and complete sense. Sweating is not only detoxifying, but also can make you really feel like you're doing something. It's also great for anyone that gets cold easily. If you find yourself cold and needing sweats through most of your regular yoga class, hot yoga might be worth a shot.

Benefits of Hot Yoga

Hot yoga is very detoxifying. Similar to sitting in the sauna or an epsom salt bath, hot yoga works to shed your body of toxins that may be difficult to get rid of otherwise. For some it is difficult to work up the necessary sweat to get rid of toxins, so hot yoga is a great thing to try!

Me + Hot Yoga

I wouldn't consider hot yoga for me, personally. In my experience, my body doesn't function well in heat and working out in excess of 85 degrees gives me horrible cramping. So I will stick to my epsom salt baths and heavy weightlifting to get the sweat that some people get from hot yoga.

How to find Hot Yoga Classes Near You

ClassPass and the MindBody apps are great ways to search for fitness classes near you! You can search within the miles you're willing to travel and get information on the gyms and pricing so it's easier to make the best decision for yourself.

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