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Staying on Track: Thanksgiving Dinner

Diet culture likes to tell us that we have to stay on track 100% of the time, no matter what. Let me blow that up for a minute... One day will not kill your progress. That's just the truth. Will you maybe gain a couple of pounds? Yeah, maybe, but changes are that's water weight and it's going to come right back off. So do you want to enjoy your thanksgiving dinner, guilt free and get right back to it on Friday?

My answer is yes, but obviously that doesn't mean I'm going to go so hard I feel like crap. I'm all about balance and strive to find a good happy-medium. You can enjoy yourself and still be healthy overall. I usually do not stick to a strict plan when I'm with family and friends, but I do focus on a couple of things so I feel good after I eat and the next day. I've noticed that my body doesn't react well to just eating whatever I want, I get sick and sluggish, feelings I am not a fan of... Here are the things I like to stick to:

Drink ALL the Water

Stay hydrated, it'll keep everything functioning properly and help with digestion. It'll also keep you from feeling as hungry, added bonus.

Focus on Veggies

Fill up your plate with veggies (and fruit), if you can! Enjoy the other stuff too, but veggies allow you to eat more for fewer calories, plus they're yummy!

Follow the Rule of Palms

Most people should eat about a palm size portion of protein each meal. So if you're digging into the ham or turkey, keep it around the size of your palm.

Carbs Are NOT Your Enemy

Despite what some people on the internet say, carbs are good for you! It's all about choosing the right carbs and eating the not so great carbs in moderation. Don't be afraid of the rice, but maybe stick to a single portion of the stuffing (if you want to stay on your "plan").

Portion Sizes Matter

*Almost* everything is fine in moderation. When in doubt, just stick to single portion sizes. There's no reason (unless you're allergic or have a chronic illness) for you to deprive yourself of some of the treats you love, so enjoy them, just consider portion sizes.

Most importantly, it's totally ok if you forget all of this stuff for a day or so! Enjoy yourself first and foremost and remember, one day won't derail your progress.

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