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I said YES!

I am ENGAGED! I can't believe it either... But still, it's true and I couldn't be more excited. Generally I like to stay away from discussions about my relationship on public forums such as this, but this is too big not to share...

How did it happen?

Ian and I went to Minnesota for Thanksgiving this year and he asked to plan an afternoon. We spent the earlier part of the day at Surly brewing in Minneapolis with some of my old coworkers. Afterwards we headed east to Stillwater. He brought me to this outlook point with a beautiful view of the city and due to the cool weather got right to it. He turned to me and asked me if he could ask me a question, got down on one knee and quoted my favorite rom-com.

Me unable to keep my cool I burst out laughing as he said he wanted to marry me so that he could kiss me anytime he wanted, paying homage to the famous scene from "Sweet Home Alabama". I quickly said yes and interrupted him jokingly say he was going to make sure to put it on the correct finger.

All in all it was a great day and proposal. I am difficult to surprise and he certainly did surprise me. Not to mention I get to marry my best friend, how great is that?!

Why do I love our relationship?

We are, above all else, best friends. I have never respected another person quite like I respect Ian. We don't always agree, but we always work to come to the understanding that the other person has a valid reason for their opinions and decisions and we ALWAYS make our decisions together.

A relationship should be about love and understanding. It should be about creating equality and fairness and not about competing or keeping score. For us, it's always been about doing what is best for both of us and understanding that everything will work out. It's a relief realizing that we're not keeping score.

What's next?

I never understood people that said they wanted to take some time to enjoy being engaged before planning a wedding until I got engaged. Don't take me wrong, I am very excited to eventually plan a wedding, but at least for the next few weeks or even months I truly want to just enjoy being engaged to the love of my life.

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