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New Year, New You Facebook Challenge Group

Ready for 2020? Yeah, me neither... Let's kick off the New Year together, getting in the right mindset! I have decided to host a Facebook Challenge Group called "New Year, New You". It's a 5-day challenge group where I will go live each day to discuss a new self-improvement related topic. Each day you will have an assignment and support from the other group members and myself.

The 5 Topics:

  • Day 1 - Goal Setting

  • Day 2 - Meal Planning & Prep

  • Day 3 - Self-Care

  • Day 4 - Workouts

  • Day 5 - Journaling

Want to join the challenge? Click here and answer the questions. I will approve requests ASAP and before the challenge start on January 1st 2020. See you in the New Year!

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