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Gallon a Day Challenge: 7-Day Starts NOW

I am doing it again because why not?! IT is my gallon a day water challenge, but this time I am going for 7 days. I've done 3 days and 5 days so I decided it's about time I kick it up a notch with 7 days...

What is it?

A gallon a day challenge is a challenge to drink a full gallon of water per day for a set number of days. It's really that simple. I've learned it's generally easier to complete the challenge if you have a larger water bottle and make benchmark goals throughout the day. For example, I like to have 60 oz done by noon.

Why do it?

Water is important for overall health and wellness. It has a endless benefits from better skin to better digestion to better performance during workouts. This go around my main goal is to aid in digestion and detox after spending last week in Vegas for CES 2020.

What are the specifics?

This go around I am doing it for 7 days starting today and ending on Sunday. I'll be drinking a minimum of one gallon (128 oz) of water each day.

Thinking about doing the challenge yourself? Go for it! Worst case, you're really hydrated for a while. If you struggle with water intake I recommend starting the challenge with 2-3 days instead of a full 7 and working your way up to more.

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