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My 2019 to 2020 Transformation

My transformation word is CONSISTENCY.

When people ask how I did it and start questioning me about what cleanses I like, whether keto worked for me or if I pay hundreds of dollars on a trainer, my answer is always the same... It's consistency. The difference you see in these transformation photos is consistency.

What I DIDN'T Do:

  • Crash Diet

  • Do trendy cleanses

  • Follow an unsustainable fitness plan

  • Pay a weekly personal trainer

  • Jump on fad diet bandwagons

What I DID Do:

  • Consistently ate whole, balanced foods

  • Worked out 4-6 days per week for about an hour

  • Drank 80 oz of water per day or more

  • Consistently got 7-9 hours of sleep most nights

  • Practiced self-care and self-love

If you want the quick fix diet and fitness plan that'll help you lose 10 pounds in 10 days I have some unfortunate news for you... Sure it MAY work. May being the key word here. It may work because you will likely be shocking your body and starving yourself. So if it works, it won't be sustainable and you'll likely yo-yo.

Believe me when I say I wish their was an easy fix because this took a lot of hard work and dedication. As many times as I wanted to give up I never did. Of course I'd slip up for a few days here and there throughout the year, I'm only human, but ultimately I stayed consistent.

I fully believe progress is possible for EVERYONE. You just have to be willing to trust the process completely because sometimes it won't seem like its working, but I promise you, it is.

If you have any questions about my journey and how it can apply to your own journey, feel free to email me at

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