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Spring Self-Care

Spring has sprung so with that, a whole new slew of self-care options for the season!

Self-care isn't seasonal, but I do like to celebrate anything and everything, especially warmer weather. So with that, here are some of my favorite Spring-inspired self-care activities...

Buy yourself some brightly colored flowers!

Who doesn't love flowers? They smell nice, are pretty and finally blooming again. Why buy them for yourself? It's a simple gesture to show yourself that you're worth a beautiful bouquet of flowers!

Take a walk outside.

The weather is great, the birds are chipping outside and it's a great time for some fresh air. Bonus, all of this social distancing is making the air a little cleaner. Breathe it in and enjoy!

Spring Cleaning!

I know I feel a lot better in a clean apartment instead of a messy one. Take some time to clean out things you no longer use and are just taking up unnecessary space.

Diffuse some Spring-Scented Essential Oils.

Grab your diffuser and some fruity and floral essential oils. Diffuse your favorites and full your house with some wonderful spring-time scents.

Revisit your 2020 Goals.

Take some time to audit your 2020 goals. How are you doing? What progress have you made? What plans can you make during spring-time to help you continue to make progress on your goals?

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